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Camp operates from August 6th - 18th, 2023.

2023 Camp Banting Staff Application

Our Camp Roles
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Want to be the most important part of the camper’s experience at camp? Camp Counselors are responsible for the supervision, health, safety and experience of campers under their care.

Counselors ensure their campers are receiving a high-quality camp program experience. Counselors will provide a positive role model to their campers and participate in all programs and activities. Counselors have the opportunity to take on essential roles in evening and special program days. Counselors will provide front-line onsite support to Camp Banting in the start-up, execution, and closing of camp programs. An honorarium is included.

Leadership Facilitator
The Leadership Facilitator will work hand in hand with our Leadership Director in order to plan, facilitate and debrief on initiatives and sessions for participants of both the Challenger 1 and Challenger 2 program. The Challenger programs are designed to create strong, confident and aware leaderships for future employment as Camp Banting staff, or as contributing members of their home communities. The Leadership Facilitator should have experience working with youth in a skill building and leadership development role.
Program Staff
Do you love dressing up, taking initiative and sharing your creativity? Program Staff is the role for you! Program Staff work closely with our Program Directors in order to ensure day-to-day programs such as sports, arts and crafts, climbing, and boating are running smoothly, assisting counselors with these various program stations. The Program team also creates and facilitates special, themed evening programming. Program Staff will thrive while working both independently and within a team setting!
Camper Experience Director
The Camper Experience Director will work with the senior staff and program team to ensure inclusive and supportive needs of the social and emotional needs of each
camper. They will recommend strategies and behavioural intervention techniques to best support all campers. Preference will be given to those who have experience and education in Counselling, Child and Youth Care, Social Work, Psychology, or related discipline.
Love being a counselor, but want the opportunity to try out a new challenge? Rovers are essentially ‘float counselors’. Rovers ensure the same high quality camp experience, safety and positive role modelling as counselors. Rovers will be assigned to different groups throughout the camp session as needed; whether to offer additional support to a cabin group or to cover staff time off. Rovers are expected to step in seamlessly and support their co’s in all relevant tasks. Rovers will be assigned a coverage schedule, but should be prepared to take initiative and identify where they can offer additional help to cabin groups. An honorarium is included.
Camp Nurse
Camp Nurses sit at the heart of our camp’s diabetes care.

Nurses are responsible for the diabetes care and safety of their assigned campers by supervising and/or carrying out the diabetes care program delegated by the Medical Director.

Many of Camp Banting’s nurses are Diabetes Educators, and all are either Registered Nurses or Nurse Practitioners.

Camp Dietitian
Camp Dietitians flex and flow at the busy intersection of the camp’s foodservice team and the dietetic needs of our children.

True sensei of the nutritional arts and mystic carbohydrate algebra, Camp Dietitians are responsible for coordinating, supervising and providing all nutrition-related needs at camp.

Dietetic Intern
Dietetic Interns are ninjas-in-training who assist in all nutrition-related needs and issues at camp under the direction of the Camp Dietitians.

Somersaulting from kitchen to dining hall while precision-delivering hundreds of snack portions a day into the hands of happy campers, Dietetic Interns are a well-loved part of our team.

These padawans are responsible for helping the Medical Director and Camp Doctors in providing diabetes management in the camp setting.

The overall purpose of residents is to build their Jedi skills by assisting with the delivery of health services under the direction of the Medical Director.

Endocrine Fellow
These almost-Jedi are at a stage of training where they’re about ready to build their own endocrine lightsabers and achieve mastery in the field of pediatric endocrinology.

Working under the supervision of the Medical Director, and closely with the Residents and Camp Nurses, Endocrine Fellows help manage the diabetes care programs of our campers.

Social Media & Photography

This lone wolf roves the camp looking to capture the most thrilling, gorgeous, or impactful moments at camp — and sharing them to the world.

The Social Media & Photography Coordinator is our lifeline to the outside world.  S/he lets our parents know what’s happening, documents the day by photo and video, and manages our social media accounts while camp is in session.

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